NIL at naTo #9 | 14th of November 2017

I am happy to find the time again to play with our NIL – project . This time we invited sound-artist Gerard Lebik from Wroclaw. Lebik has his musical origins in classical jazz, free and experimental improvisation, sound art and noise. He creates his own sound by combining acoustic and electronic manipulation of the sonic material with improvisation. Therefore he uses wave generators, electronics, air compressors, analog video feedback, sound objects or software.

We  are looking forward to a great performance on 14th of November. And personally I am just curious what will happen on stage….

Gerard Lebik – elektronics
Michael Breitenbach – soprano sax
Fabian Niermann – tenor sax
Marek Brandt – elektronics, synthesizer
Tilo Augsten – piano
Peter Gotterbarm – percussion

die naTo
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 46
04275 Leipzig, Germany

8 pm

NIL at naTo #7 | 10th of November 2016

This Thursday I am playing with NIL. Our guests this time are Hui-Chun Lin (Berlin) and Hansi Noack (Leipzig). Together with them we will dive into the unpredictable experiment of free improvisation in small groups. Spontaneous action and reaction, inspiration, playing together and against each other… The result will be unique, every time different and new, a journey towards the unknown.

Hansi Noack – e-Violin
Hui-Chun Lin – cello
Fabian Niermann – tenor sax
Michael Breitenbach – soprano sax
Simone Weissenfels – piano
Tilo Augsten – piano
Marek Brandt – elektronics, FX, synthesizer
Peter Gotterbarm – Percussion

More information (in German) can be found here.