I started to play free improvised music when I was studying Music Pedagogy at HMT Leipzig, but for a couple of years, improvisation was just a minor thing for me. But the interest grew slowly, until I applied for the new Master’s programme in improvisation that HMT Leipzig was offering. I went in and had a great time with my teacher Tilo Augsten, but I was wondering how other institutes teach this unteachable subject. So I went to Tallinn in 2013 for Erasmus to write my Master’s Thesis and to study with Anto Pett, which turned out to be one of the most important decisions in my life. And being in Tallinn and studying with Anto Pett just increased my interest in free improvisation .

If I think about it now, diving into free improvisation was just a natural step – After years of playing percussions in orchestras, dealing with its inherent fixed performance routine, I just started to do the complete opposite. Free improvisation was the ideal compensation for my regular job.

Already in 2013, together with Fabian Niermann and Simone Weissenfels, I founded NIL, the Network for Improvisation Leipzig as a platform to organise concerts with different improvisers.

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